To celebrate the global diversity that exists on the trails around the world, outdoor company Merrell arranged “One Day. One World. One Trail.” project . On Saturday, April 27, across 17 countries, Merrell sent 23 photographers and filmmakers out to the trail to showcase those experiencing natural spaces and how the trail unites us all.

I was honoured to a part of this project and to choose my own location for my part. I decided to go to Kullaberg, a peninsula in Southwest Sweden. Kullaberg is dominated by steep cliffs rising from the sea and rocky outcrops on the ridge above. It’s very popular among hikers, trail runners, mountainbike cyclist and rock climbers. I imagined it to the perfect location for One Trail project full of adventures people. Though the 27th of April turned out to be a very quiet and foggy day at the Peninsula. At the end of the day was lucky to have met some happy hikers and dedicated trail runners.